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ESL Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to keep your students engaged. Teaching vocabulary can be tedious for students, but flashcards introduce a visual element which helps to focus their attention on learning.

These sets of digital flashcards come in JPEG format and are great for teaching online. They are also easily printable if you wanted to make your own physical cards.

Click on the picture to view the hundreds of flashcards that are available.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a free app that is very useful for classroom management. Young learners particularly enjoy this resource.

Teachers can track their students' progress. It provides useful tools such as randomized selection of students and a group maker. It is a highly recommended free product that engages students, and also makes class management a breeze. 

Writing Prompts

This set of fifty writing prompts is aimed at engaging students with interesting topics designed to make writing a breeze. 

The book is in PDF format which can be printed easily. The pages are sized A4.


Each writing prompt is two pages. For younger learners, one page can be used for a first draft, and after correction, the second page can be used to write a final copy. Older learners have the option to write two pages. 

Freesound is an excellent resource that can be used to add a hint of playfulness when teaching online or in the classroom. 


There are millions of files available under a creative commons license

Keep your young learners engaged with this resource.

Sound Effects

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